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Edge Protection in Brisbane

Edge Protection in Brisbane

Here at Gold Coast Edge Protection, we are the leading edge protection in Brisbane services with state of the art facia friendly-roofing edge protection to ensure fascias remain undamaged. No damage and no hassle is what Gold Coast Edge Protection provide. Our edge protection in Brisbane means no more patching up screw holes. We service Brisbane to Byron, including the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales and in addition we offer our services to new roof, commercial and industrial systems. Practice safe work on roofs in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

We acknowledge the absolute importance of safety of you and your crew. This is why safety is our biggest priority. Our high quality and prompt edge protection in Brisbane service ensures everyone gets home safely. With years of experience within the industry, we know what roofers want. Gold Coast Edge Protection in Brisbane is run by roofers for roofers. With an exceptional edge protection in Brisbane team we represent your business professionally and efficiently. Our team presents onsite on time, polite and in uniform.

Our edge protection in Brisbane services are designed to provide a high level of safety for roof workers. Our edge protection prevents damage to the fascia and gutter that has already been installed. Our services also allows for the roof to be fully completed without any interruption to the installation. We are your complete solution for edge protection requirements. From consultation, to set up, to dismantle, we have all the solutions to your edge protection needs.

Contact us today at Gold Coast Edge Protection to find out more information about our services. Let us solve your edge protection in Brisbane problems.


For more information on Roof Edge Protection Services, call us on 0438 343 289 or emails us at sales@gcep.net.au to find out how we can best help you.